Whos On Site


Full site management package - document manager, site access control and more!


Who's on Site is a web based application that enables large manufacturing organisations to centralises all contractor company and employee data.

Who's On Site is a document management system that not only provides a central repository for contractor documentation, it also allows processes logic on those documents to control access to site.  The application allows a company to define 'rules' that controls who is granted access to site. The application is hosted on our servers and accessed via the Internet so there is no need for installation on site computers which can be a distinct advantage when dealing with corporate IT departments.

Key Features of Who's On Site include:

  • Web based
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited data
  • Custom templates
  • Free trial available

Web Based Software

A simple to use web interface allows any authorised users within a large organisation to easily access the contractor database. From Project Managers through to the security gatehouse, all users share the same real-time contractor database so nobody gets through un-noticed.

Easy to Use

The system is easy to use and quick to setup. You define which documents are required for the company and/or the employee's of that company to gain access to site and Who's On Site will take care of the rest. A simple green or red flag is placed at the side of the employee or company which indicates their document status. Typical documents include Public and Employers Liability, Site Induction, Safe Contractors Pass etc.

Unlimited Data

Your data is hosted on our servers and backed up daily. We have no limitations on how many documents or the type of documents that can be placed in the secure storage. Similarly, there is no limit on the number of companies or employees that can be kept in the database.

Custom Templates

All aspects of Who's On Site can be tailored to meet your requirements. From the document types, expiry schedules, email templates and reports, all can be customised with company requirements, logo's and regulatory information.

Free Trial

Its easy to get started with Who's On Site because we offer a FREE, no obligation trial. Just follow the sign-up steps on the product website at www.whosonsite.com and you'll receive a fully working system instantly.